Corporate Social Responsibility

At Stage & Drapes Support, Corporate Social Responsibility is of paramount importance. We have developed a policy for this in various areas and then put it into practice as described below.


At Stage & Drapes Support, staff training plays a major role. All employees start with an internal training at the start of their employment, after following this training the knowledge is tested by a manager. This allows us to be sure that all projects are delivered safely and responsibly.

In addition to the construction technical training, much attention is paid to health and safety. Personal growth combined with a solid education lead to more knowledge within our company and a better position on the labor market.

training company

Training companies are indispensable for (secondary) vocational education. Only by offering a good internship can we offer the new generation of MBO students a good chance on the labor market. As a recognized training company, Stage & Drapes Support offers the opportunity to complete this internship in a challenging environment.

Work safely

All our employees are trained to work safely and to create a safe working environment.

In addition to working responsibly and safely, we see it as our duty to report unsafe work situations around us to our clients.

  • In addition, we only work with products that meet the strictest safety requirements.
  • For example, all sails and cloths are fire retardant and we can hand over the certificates for this.
  • Our materials meet the strict TUV requirements TUV Certificate .
  • The materials are regularly checked and inspected, so we and you can be sure that the materials are safe to use.
  • The stage parts that we rent out are parts with a so-called anti-slip layer, so that the stage does not become slippery when it gets wet.

    Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship

    When you think of stages and curtains, you may not immediately think of environmentally conscious entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, we do our best to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

  • For example, we only work with high-quality material, which means that we can use our materials for longer, which leads to less waste.
  • We separate our waste as much as possible, for example by offering aluminum, steel, paper, electrical appliances and ink cartridges separately.
  • Where possible, we work as much as possible with LED lighting, so we consume as little energy as possible.
  • Where we could make the choice, our suppliers are also fully environmentally aware.
  • When purchasing new cars, the environmental impact is taken into account.

We also want to support our customers in making environmentally friendly choices: we provide expert and honest advice with regard to environmentally responsible purchasing. Our employees are well aware of these aspects and can provide you with good advice.


Stage & Drapes Support supports various (sports) associations and foundations.

In addition, we think culture is very important. For example, we support various bands and theater groups and we sponsor a number of schools with various culture-related projects.